You are the subtitles I wrote
inside the womb of this night,
the one thing reminding me
how to translate the lead
into light-


You with crumpled poetry in your knees
the lighthouse to the shoreline
of my cheeks
the map in the way our lips meet-


You and the silent prayer of your skin
the hallelujahs sighing down your
half moon curves,
the body language,
‘Amen’ echoing in every word-


Your ferocity.
Your fire licking oceans to life inside of me.
Your stay.
Your red, round heart for all its neverendingness.
Your velvet
Your blanket arms, starburst smile.
Your home-


You’re home.

- Always You  | alfaazkibarsaaat   (via alfaazkibarsaaat)
"The cheekbones in your chest,

helicopter underneath it

awkward elbows, lily pad knees

violin strings for fingers-

I can play each octave of your spine

with the bow in my tongue

taste melodies dripping down your sides

-I love you.

Sunday morning in your smile.

hipbones like punctuation,

a perfect hourglass telling time

in crescent curves and heavy sighs

-I love you.

Honey in the nape of your neck,

cotton candy cheeks

could start a storm

button nose, dumbo ears-

I can spend days finding treasures

in your dips and dives

sipping your skin from a straw

like it’s stuck into the sun

-I love you.

Perfect palms sculpted

to hold more than just my hands-

things like my quivering heart

when my name stutters out your halo lips

trips in the air, pulls the words from my ribs

- I love you.

Bones for brick walls

ivory skin in cement,

those frosted windows in your eyes

the welcome mat in your voice-
When you tell me not to leave

I could glue my cells to the fabric of this moment

could star gaze your smile

make wishes on your heartbeat

listen to it sing like the beginning of everything

-I love you.

And every where I go

Is in search for the best thing I know to do

-Love you.

- Home | alfaazkibarsaaat (via alfaazkibarsaaat)